Our goal is to broadcast programs by these means to feed the spirit and 
the soul of our listeners. Therefore, before each broadcast, we listen to 
and consider each program, in order to avoid any teaching that may mislead 
our audience.

We produce programs that teach the listener how to have a direct relationship 
with God, to know His love for humanity, and that He gave his only begotten Son 
for the forgiveness of their sins and the Salvation of their souls. Therefore,
we are assured that from there, men, women, children and the elderly, experience 
the peace and happiness that only Christ can give, by receiving Him as their
 Lord and Savior.

During our programming, you will discover that we have a variety of topics 
that range from evangelism, doctrinal teaching, social, cultural, etc. Some 
messages are produced in the studio, others are recorded live from the pulpit, 
and others are broadcasted live from our studio.

It is worth mentioning that is characterized by broadcasting
hymns that were written in the last century, and which over the years have been 
interpreted in many Churches globally. We do also include contemporary music as 
part of our programming, however we would like our believers to be edified as well, 
by worshiping with the “Old Hymns” as these are also Scripture based.

Local radio stations connect with us and broadcast segments of our programs for 
their local areas, at the convenience of their program scheduling.


Here are some of the programs that we broadcast:


The above list of radio programs, are only part of the 70 programs that you can listen to. Added to them are, instrumental music, traditional, as well as contemporary hymns.