Both born in the city of Guatemala, in Central America. Married in
 December of 1969. They have one son, Irving Omar.

Julio, worked for 29 years, at a printing-house, "Contender for
the Faith," a Doctrinal free Evangelistic magazine, distributed in
 various countries from the Spanish-speaking Americas.

In June of 1978, Julio started to work in the city of Guatemala 
at a radio station, TGNA, where he worked for 14 years. While there, 
he studied communication, thus graduating as a  
"Broadcaster for Radio and Television". 


In October of 1991, the Lopez family moved to San Bernardino
County in California, USA.                          

It was at the beginning of the year 1993, when brother Julio, 
began work at radio station KVOH, Voice of Hope (a short-wave 
station) with the desire to start and to be in charge of his own
radio ministry.

That was how the Lord opened doors for Julio and Lety. 
They started what is known today as: “THE VOICE OF 
LOS ANGELES MINISTRIES”, a non-profit organization that 
disseminates Christian radio programs to different local 
radio stations, as well as through  
In addition, they work in communion with the Christocentric 
churches in the Los Angeles area and surrounding cities.

Julio and Lety López, also invest much of their time 
counseling couples. When invited to attend, Julio and Lety 
actively participate at Church conferences. With the support 
of the Church, they work as a team to ensure a positive outcome.